Kits for Manual System

Electrophoresis Kits by Cellogel – Cellulose Acetate

Exclusive Technology . High Precision . Proper Repeatability

Code Name Description Quantity Manufacturer Avaiable
1 Cellogel Dry Plates For Serum Protein and Hemoglobin Electrophoresis (60 x 76 mm) 10 pcs. Cellogel
2 For Serum Protein and Hemoglobin Electrophoresis (60 x 76 mm) 25 pcs. Cellogel
3 Tris Glycine Buffer pH 9.5 For separation of Hemoglobin, Urine, CSF, tissue proteins, etc. Hb: dissolve in 1500 ml of distilled water
Urine and CSF: dissolve in 1000 ml
4 Tris Hippurate pH 8.8 Concentrated solution for Serum Proteins, Lipo and Isoenzymes Semi-micro: bring up to 1000 ml with distilled H2O
Micro: bring up to 900 ml with distilled H2O
5 Amido Black Ready to use 200ml Cellogel
6 Ponceau S Ready to use solution for Serum Proteins and Hemoglobin 200 ml – Contains: Acetic Acid <5% Cellogel
7 Clearing Solution Ready to use solution for cellulose acetate transparency 200 ml – Contains Citric Acid <10% Cellogel
8 Hemolysate Reagent For Hemoglobin Electrophoresis 50 ml
9 Blotting Paper Absorbent paper used for soaking up excess buffer 50 pcs.