About us

We, Hooshmand Fanavar Co. (HFT Co.), are one of the well-known supplier of laboratory and research products in Iran. Following is a brief introduction to our company, its activities, experience, staff, etc.
1- Our company was established on May 1998

2- Our main activities are focused on supplying a wide range of diagnostic and research products including instruments and consumables, offering premium customer support.

3- HFT was founded by a team of highly educated experts with great experience in management ,technical support and marketing in Iran’s laboratory field which .

4- Our main activities (as a producer and distributor) are as follows:

• We produce a complete range of electrophoresis systems and accessories including an electrophoresis densitometer (named PhotoEP), horizontal and vertical electrophoresis chambers and a range of switching electrophoresis powersupplies, system for DNA/RNA electrophoresis including a special software and UV­transilluminator .

• We produce a sperm quality Analyzer system (CASA = Computer Aided Semen Analysis) which called (HFT CASA) with wide ability to automatically analyze semen dynamic and static quality using the latest digital imaging algorithms (totally complies with WHO ) )

• We exclusively represent INTERLAB S.R.I (one of the world’s major player of clinical electrophoresis system ,producer of a wide range of automated Electrophoresis system and Kits) from Italy

• We exclusively represent EUROLYSER Co. (producer of ‘Eurolyser’ clinical chemistry Auto Analyzer) from Austria

• We exclusively represent G.tec Co from Austria who is one of the pioneers of Bio signal recorders, transducers , analyser and BCI systems in the world

• We were the best seller of electrophoresis systems and Sperm analysers , accessories and consumables during the last 10 years and now there are more than 2000 research, educational and clinical centers all over Iran who use our products.

• We also represent Electrophoresis systems, accessories and consumables of CELLOGEL ( Italy) and BIOMIDI (France) on a exclusive basis.

• We represent PROWAY Co who is one of the producers of wide range of biological, research and industrial microscope

• We are one of the pioneers in establishing complete molecular biology setup (PCR,Gel Documentation ,…) in research and medical labs in Iran

• Sales of refurbished laboratory equipment (Hematology cellcounters, Biochemistry Auto Analyzers, Microscopes, Centrifuges, etc.)

• We have a wide distribution and service network allover Iran for all of our products

• Technical support, maintenance and service of a wide range of laboratory equipment. Our technical staff consists of very experienced engineers and technicians trained in the main manufacturing companies such as Eppendorf, Nikon, Anthos, Memmert, Hermle, Alfawasserman, VitalScientific,Eurolyser, …, as a result our technical department is now one of the best known and most reliable service and maintenance centers for medical and laboratory equipment . our service men are now supporting more than 2500 hospitals and clinical laboratories all over IRAN.