PhotoEP Electrophoresis Densitometry

Manual Electrophoresis System

Wide Range of Electrophoresis Tests

Applicable for AGAROSE Gel , SDS PAGE and CA mambrane

PhotoEP Result
Serum Protein & Hemoglobin Sample reports

Photo EP

Software Based Electrophoresis Densitometer

  • After dramatic jumps in capability through the 1980s,computer tools to pull hard data from the bands, blots and spots of film or gel electrophoresis separation have continued to post significant advances in the past few years. Using powerfull digital Image Analysis Techniques , PhotoEP is a flexible densitometer which translates users’ expectation of a densitometer into reality, no other systems offers comparable flexibility and comfort.
  • Flexible and Reliable analysis equipment for the clinical and research laboratories
  • Irrespective of filters , special light source or staining methods
  • High Resolution and excellent reproducibility
  • Extremely simple to handle and comfortable to use
  • Analysis results clearly displayed on the monitor
  • Clear printout of results, A true image of the gel or film is displayed and printed together with the results
  • Saving and retrieval of a large number of results with capability of recorrection
  • Easily Programmable for many kind of tests for clincal and research purposes
  • Histograms can be stored over a long period of time – Service support is easily obtained from the local PC-dealer
  • Service support is easily obtained from the local PC-dealer


Electrophoresis Power Supply

  • Switching Power Supply ,Adjustable Output Voltage , Short circuit protected
  • Three  jacks
  • Adjustable output voltage range 0-600 V, current 0- 150 mA
  • Simple to use , Multi- purpose system


Electrophoresis multi-Channel Applicator

  • various type of Applicators for different Electrophoresis tests
  • the 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 ,32  Channel , Micro and Semi-Micro tests



Electrophoresis Chambers

  • three different size(Mini – Midi – Full) for clinical and research purposes
  • Adjustable Tank bridge for various size of GEL and CA membranes
  • minimum buffer consumption
  • A range of Horizontal and Vertical Tanks (Submarine)