Manufacturer: g.tec

Made in: Austria

کلاه سیگنال حیاتی g.GAMMAcap


The second generation of g.GAMMAcap: new optimized cut for perfect fit, new highly flexible supernarrow seams for high-density electrode placement, 74 labeled standard positions (10-10 / extended 10-20 system) plus 86 additional intermediate positions, can now be used either with a chest belt set or with a chin strap that comes with each cap. Size M fits most adult subjects, but a cap set includes sizes S, M and L.

The g.GAMMAcap² can be configured with active electrodes for a certain experiment (such as the P300 speller), and the electrodes remain inside the cap even during cleaning. This allows a very fast preparation and cleaning procedure, which speeds up experiments considerably. A typical setup time for a P300 speller experiment (10 electrodes) is about 2 minutes – just put on the cap and inject the gel. After the cap is removed, the gel almost disappears after drying.

g.GAMMAsys was designed to increase the speed of EEG/ECG/EMG/EOG experimental setups, while still using a comfortable cap and a very high signal quality.

g.GAMMAsys includes different types of active and passive electrodes that can be mounted with the g.GAMMAcap² onto the head for EEG recordings or can be mounted on the body for ECG/EMG/EOG recordings.

Product Highlights:

  • Avoid or reduce artifacts from movements and electromagnetic interference
  • Fastest electrode montage for multi-channel recordings
  • System can be used with passive, active or dry electrodes
  • Single electrodes can be replaced easily
  • Electrodes remain in the cap for cleaning, which allows fast montage and cleaning
  • ۷۴ standard + 86 intermediate positions; user can add positions freely
  • Kids’ sizes (mini/midi/maxi) available


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