g.Hisys Simulink


Manufacturer: g.tec

Made in: Austria


The Highspeed Online Processing blockset is available for g.MOBIlab+, g.HIamp, g.USBamp and g.Nautilus. The blockset lets you collect biosignal data like EEG, ECoG, EMG, EOG and ECG within a Simulink model for further real-time processing. Therefore, the device driver blocks, g.MOBIlab+, g.HIamp, g.USBamp or g.Nautilus, are copied into the Simulink model and are connected to other blocks that do the signal analysis. Then, the model is started, and the device driver guarantees real-time processing.

This Rapid Prototyping environment speeds up the development cycle dramatically, and your first real-time experiments are possible within a few hours. The Highspeed Online Processing blockset allows you to use all standard Simulink blocks in your model and to write your own blocks in MATLAB code or C code.

The device driver block gives you access to all amplifier specific settings like sampling frequency, digital I/O lines, bandpass and notch filtering. Just double-click the g.MOBIlab+, g.HIamp, g.USBamp or g.Nautilus block to perform the settings. Then, click on Play in the Simulink model to start the biosignal acquisition. Additionally g.HIsys comes with many useful blocks for pre-processing, transformation, analysis and storage.

Data can be visualized with Scope blocks and stored on the hard disk in MATLAB format. The model works with double precision accuracy. g.MOBIlab+ can store the data during acquisition on an SD card inside the unit.

The g.tec blockset g.RTanalyze supports the Rapid Prototyping of biosignal applications by ready-to-use algorithms. Tutorials are provided for brain-computer interface experiments, evoked potentials, ECG analysis and respiration analysis. The Simulink models contained in the Highspeed Online Processing blockset can be used as templates for your own applications.

With the Highspeed Online Processing blockset, we offer the g.EYEtrackingInterface and g.UDPinterface. The packages provide Simulink blocks that can be easily copied into every model to capture the eye-movements of the subject or to send/receive data to/from other systems.

A plugin of g.HIsys is a data import for EEGLAB , which allows directly access recorded data from g.tec devices.

g.DISTRIBUTEDeeg allows you to record biosignal data using the g.tec amplifier g.USBamp from different distributed PCs in the network!

Product Highlights:

  • Acquire and process EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG and spike data directly within Simulink
  • Wireless biosignal data acquisition with g.MOBIlab+ and g.Nautilus
  • Add your own sophisticated data processing algorithms graphically
  • Benefit from the Rapid Prototyping environment for developing, testing and releasing your biosignal applications
  • No compilation of the Simulink model is necessary for real-time analysis
  • Use standard Simulink blocks for online analysis
  • Add your own algorithms, such as MATLAB S-Functions or C S-Functions
  • Store data to the MATLAB workspace or to a MATLAB file
  • Display Evoked Potentials in real-time
  • Acquire eye-movement data together with biosignals


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