Manufacturer: g.tec

Made in: Austria


g.USBamp is a high-performance and high-accuracy biosignal amplifier and acquisition/processing system. It allows investigation of brain-, heart- and muscle-activity, eye movements, respiration, galvanic skin response and many other physiological and physical parameters. Due to its technical specifications and various software options, this instrument became a standard for many different fields of research, including neuropsychology, life science, medical research and biofeedback/neurofeedback/BCI research.

g.USBamp is USB enabled and comes with 16 simultaneously sampled biosignal channels with 24 bits. A total of 4 independent grounds guarantee no interference between the recorded signals.

Award winning technology

The amplifier connects easily to the USB socket on your PC/notebook and can immediately be used for data recording.

Build a multi-channel system with more than 16 channels using multiple g.USBamp devices. A synchronization cable guarantees that all devices are sampling with exactly the same frequency.

The amplifier has an input range of ± 250 mV, which allows recording of DC signals without saturation.

Digital inputs and outputs allow the recording of trigger channels together with the biosignal channels to easily pass analysis results to the outside world.

A short-cut input allows connecting the amplifier inputs quickly to ground potential to protect the amplifier against overflows, which may occur in operating rooms with gamma knifes or other environments.

Product Highlights:

  • 16 DC-coupled wide-range input channels per unit, 4 independent grounds, record any type of signal (EEG/ECoG/ECG/EMG/EOG/spikes/…), connect various sensors, stack units for 32/48/64/… channels.
  • 24-bit resolution with simultaneous sampling of all channels with up to 38.4 kHz, digital signal filtering and preprocessing, connect via USB 2.0.
  • Works with passive and with active electrodes, 8 digital trigger inputs/unit, 4 digital outputs/unit, new simplified synchronization of units.
  • Internal digital bandpass and notch filters, built-in calibration unit and impedance checking.
  • Easy configuration and setup via the software, high-speed online data processing for SIMULINK and for LabVIEW available, recommended by BCI2000 & approved under OpenViBE
  • Driver package/API available
  • CE-certified and FDA-listed medical device, safety class: II, conformity class: IIa, type of applied part: CF


  • Sensitivity: < 30 nV (LSB) – ± 250 mV
  • Amplifier type: real DC coupled
  • ADC: 24 bit x 16 (38.4 kHz internal sampling per channel)
  • Noise level: < 0.4 µV RMS (0.1 – 10 Hz)
  • Input impedance: > 100 MOhm
  • Input connectors: standard safety connectors and system connectors
  • Weight: 1000 g
  • Size: 197 x 155 x 40 mm
  • Applied part: type CF
  • Safety class: II
  • Input channels: 16 mono- / 8 bi-polar (per device, software-selectable)
  • DAC: 12 bit x 2
  • Directive of medical products: 93/42/EWG
  • Standards: EN60601-1: 1996 (+A1 +A2 +A12 +A13) , EN60601-2-26: 2004, EN60601-1-2: 2003, EN60601-2-25 +A1: 2001,EN60601-2-40: 1998


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