Sperm Analyzer System(CASA)

Full assessment of Dynamic and Morphologic Human and Animal Sperm Parameters

In compliance with the latest  WHO manual (Edition 5)



HFTCASA Software

  • HFTCASA is a well established system for standardized sperm analysis. Thanks to the latest Image Analysis Alghorithms , HFTCASA became a suitable solution for Medical and research Labs and also fertility clinics to overcome high rate of uncertainity and inaccuracies of traditional manual sperm evaluation method .
  • Semi-automatic sperm analysis is performed according to WHO (2010) standards, focusing on routine requirements in human reproductive medicine.
  • Generation of a complete spermiogram within a few seconds
  • Accurate , reliable ,reproducible and very user friendly system
  • Automatic assesment of motility , progresivity ,sperm count , morphology
  • Custom designed report layout according to user needs. The report templates are designed as an Excel template.
  • Exact morphometry data for each individual sperm including head length, width, area, perimeter, percent of acrosome and length to width ratio,neck and tail details
  • MS Excel export of motility / concentration / morphology  data for further analysis
  • Analysis of external videos for inter-laboratory QC testing
  • Installed in more than 1000 Laboratories (Medical and research) and fertility clinics all over the world
  • compatible with Windows XP , 7 (32bit) ,7 (64 bit),8.1 and 10

HFT CASA Report Samples

نمونه گزارش تک صفحه‌ای
One Page
نمونه گزارش دو صفحه‌ای - ۱
Two-Paged – 1
نمونه گزارش دو صفحه‌ای - ۲
Two-Paged – 2
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