Sperm Analyzer System(CASA)

Full assessment of Dynamic and Morphologic Human and Animal Sperm Parameters

In compliance with the latest  WHO manual (Edition 5)



HFTCASA Software

  • HFTCASA is a well established system for standardized sperm analysis. Thanks to the latest Image Analysis Alghorithms , HFTCASA became a suitable solution for Medical and research Labs and also fertility clinics to overcome high rate of uncertainity and inaccuracies of traditional manual sperm evaluation method .
  • Semi-automatic sperm analysis is performed according to WHO (2010) standards, focusing on routine requirements in human reproductive medicine.
  • Generation of a complete spermiogram within a few seconds
  • Accurate , reliable ,reproducible and very user friendly system
  • Automatic assesment of motility , progresivity ,sperm count , morphology
  • Custom designed report layout according to user needs. The report templates are designed as an Excel template.
  • Exact morphometry data for each individual sperm including head length, width, area, perimeter, percent of acrosome and length to width ratio,neck and tail details
  • MS Excel export of motility / concentration / morphology  data for further analysis
  • Analysis of external videos for inter-laboratory QC testing
  • Installed in more than 1000 Laboratories (Medical and research) and fertility clinics all over the world
  • compatible with Windows XP , 7 (32bit) ,7 (64 bit),8.1 and 10
  • Different Versions for Human and Veterinary Sperm Analysis
    HFTCASA semen analysis system is now installed in many animal and veterinary research centers in Iran and many research papers have been published based on results obtained using this system in known international journals .
    To see a list of these papers please see here.

HFT CASA Report Samples

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One Page
نمونه گزارش دو صفحه‌ای - ۱
Two-Paged – 1
نمونه گزارش دو صفحه‌ای - ۲
Two-Paged – 2
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